Oertijdmuseum Boxtel

January 13, 2022



To improve interaction at the Oertijdmuseum (prehistoric museum) in Boxtel, an interactive installation was designed to educate children (aged 3-6) about the marine food chain in the Cretaceous period.

Oertijdmuseum Boxtel Cover

Playful interactive game

The concept

The interaction aims to feed Cretaceous marine animals their preferred food. By aligning three blocks to show the same food, the animal's response on the screen indicates its preference. This activity helps children understand the Cretaceous food chain, connecting it to fossils in the nearby showcases.

Oertijdmuseum Boxtel

My contribution

Within this project I was responsible for the interaction and technical setup of the proof-of-concept. During the design process the interaction was constantly being refined through experimentation and usability tests with our target group. Recognising children’s learnings through play, we integrated the familiar three-in-a-row game for an intuitive and playful interaction.

Creative Skills
Concepting, Prototyping, Programming (Arduino, Processing)
Creative Software
Adobe Illustrator, Arduino, Processing