Projects App

December 20, 2020

Keep better track on your work by creating teams and projects. Well organised and productive.



The Projects App provides a workspace where you can create teams working on unique projects. It improves your productivity enormously. The app has a minimalist look and organises projects in a clear way.

Projects App Cover

Main goals

Keep track of all your projects within certain teams. Keep your work well organised and be more productive.

Projects App

Adding new teams

Home Screen

Add a new team for every workgroup. Or, create a new single project for smaller assignments.

Projects App

Organise your projects

Add projects within your team and organise them with tags. Add important files you often need easily and link back to an externel webpage.

Projects App

Keep others updated

Add phases and tasks to keep members of your team updated. After checking off a task, the progress bar continues to fill. The color coded tags will synchronise with the progress bar accordingly.

Projects App
Creative Skills
Concepting, UI/UX Design
Creative Software
Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator