Through Others' Eyes

June 17, 2023



How could I creatively, through a physical installation, put young adults in each other's shoes in such a way that it widens their perspective about introverts and extroverts?

Through Others' Eyes Cover

A moving mirror to view two perspectives

The project

For this project, my aim was to develop a design with meaningful impact. It must resonate with the target audience, I didn’t want it to be a dull thing.

After an extensive contextualisation phase and inspired by Brandon Doman's The Strangers Project (see top left), I elaborated on the principles of anonymously sharing stories in several experiments and prototypes. This resulted in a viewing box in which two people look at a situation at the same time, but from two different perspectives, one introvert and one extrovert.

To enhance the experience, I used a moving mirror that allows the two people to see each other's eyes, perspective and their feelings simultaneously. This is made possible by an arduino, servo and LEDs.

Through Others' Eyes proces

Through Others’ Eyes

Are you dull and withdrawn? Or excessively busy and self-centered? Introverted or extroverted? Labels abound, neatly categorisng everything. But reality isn't so straightforward; often shades of gray.

View the world through others' eyes. Gain perspective, bridging worlds that may seem opposed. Step out of your comfort zone and into others' shoes.

Experience the world from different perspectives. [translated from Dutch]


Two young adults step into the shoes of others. They both look at the same situation from two different perspectives and immediately think about how they would feel in such a situation. They then experience each other's perspective by seeing each other's eyes, perspective and their feelings.

The installation is more than just an experience. It is a tool for reflection and awareness. In fact, it invites users to think more deeply about the impact of personalities.

Through Others' Eyes
Creative Skills
Concepting, Prototyping, Programming (Arduino), Installation Design
Creative Software
Adobe Illustrator, Arduino