Treinplanner PWA

November 19, 2021

Treinplanner (Trainplanner) is the website to plan your next train journey.



Enter where your journey starts and where you want to go. Within seconds your travel advice will be loaded, with your route mapped out for you and a countdown until your train departs. Share your travel advice with your friends and save your favorite routes.

Treinplanner Cover

Real time travel advice by an API


The website receives current and real time travel advice from the largest railway company in the Netherlands by an API. Treinplanner is also optimised to be installed as a PWA (Progressive Web App) on android devices.


Try it yourself

By simply entering the starting trainstation and end station the website will receive and show the current travel advice with countdown.

Creative Skills
Concepting, UI Design,
Programming (HTML, CSS, JS)
Creative Software
Adobe XD, Visual Studio Code